About Us

The use of steel trusses allow for longer spans, wider spacing, high wind resistance, higher strength-to-weight ratios, stronger connections, non-combustible construction, resistant to rot/warping and termite proof. Overall, the use of steel remains environmentally friendly by not using lumber thus, saving our trees, a most valuable resource.

Architect(s) & Engineer(s) are offered design flexibility, packaged engineered shop drawings, high quality code compliant products yet cost efficient for their clients.

Project Owner(s) can remain confident that the roof system over their head is professionally engineered, produced from high quality, non-combustible, rot / warp resistant and termite proof.

Contractor(s) receive quality pre-fabricated steel roof trusses delivered to their job sites, detailed roof truss layouts, truss-to-truss connectors, truss-to-structure connectors and technical support throughout the erection process.